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Total unit limit 200,000,000
Distribution until 2024 of up to 50%

Liquidity and sustainability works with the purchase of PLC to create events, marketing, marketplace, among others. PlayerCoin is the currency of all games


NFT Post feed
Promotion &
Watch2Earn engine

Any WEB3 Project can activate its server for building communities and promotion

Promote your Meta Project via social media networking and paid re-post promotions.

Communities that promote their project receive part of the advertising-oriented cryptocurrencies



  • The social network where the main character is you!

    Use your photo and your character's photo and let them know the great champion that you are. On this journey, we will provide participants who can go far beyond the traditional and innovate in the gamer sector.

  • Link your image and your character to get a custom avatar

    Personalize your profile even more by creating personalized avatars, using our tool you can create an avatar with your photo and the image of your main character, integrating a mix of environment, skins, weapons and powers, showing the best in you

  • Player Nickname Verification

    At 4uPlayer, we value user security and offer extra security with your profile verification. Here you can check your profile on the social network according to your game nickname, thus representing greater security to other players and you can trade, play and make friends knowing if you are talking to the same player in the game

  • Home Site (
  • Creation of PlayerCoin
  • Opening of social networks and dissemination
  • Community openness
  • Construction and delivery of the social network (
  • Launch of the PLC at PancakeSwap
  • Expansion of international representatives

4uPlayer was mainly concerned with building a road that will lead us to success, focusing its time, effort and money to create part and the basis of every application that should come in the near future.

 4uPlayer has thus given the possibility not only to get to know the project, but to see its entirety and know that it is not just any project, but something that solves real pains in the gamer scenario.Nessa caminhada conseguimos dimensionar os próximos desafios e entender que essa caminhada está apenas no início de uma tomada mundial do mercado gamer.

Our expansion focuses mainly on adding sponsoring companies in order to bring marketing resources to users so that their game time and use can be rewarded.

  • Opening of the social network
  • the initial events
  • Increased number of holders
  • Increased number of users
  • Companies creating championships through our platform
  • Increased community to 20k users
  • User verification by nickcname
  • gamer profile
  • Inclusion of PlayerCoin in major media such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • CEX exchange listing

4uPlayer makes an opening expected by its community of more than 15k, where the main intention is to start work bringing greater comfort and use of its resources to the community and giving a very special space where it can grow.

The MVP (platform test) happens by opening the doors to the players so that they can test and approve all the resources already developed and give their opinion about the future of the platform, also knowing its parts.

Our expansion focuses mainly on adding sponsoring companies in order to bring marketing resources to users so that their game time and use can be rewarded.

  • the we3 marketplace
  • Streaming operating in partnership with YouTube and Twitch
  • Betting on scheduled fights within the application
  • the minable marketing
  • Increased community and users to 100k by the end of 2023
  • PlayerCoin listing on the biggest exchanges like Binance,, among others...

In pre-established management, we will act in partnership with Sebrae and EMBRAPII in the development of new parts implemented on the platform, in order to build faster and with greater investment in the structure.

The delivery of the new parts should take place in 2023 and be tested by all VIPS users, so participating in the tests will also gain incredible opportunities to receive items, buy at below market prices, and receive unusual prizes.

Our development should result in more staff being hired and an increase in the use of our applications, as they bring to the world gamer scene the resolution of problems that were previously circumvented in inadequate ways.

  • Desktop application, where you can use posts, mining and much more without leaving your game.
  • the Blockchain PlayerCoin
  • Metaverso 4uPlayer with a new way to access the gamer's social network
  • Mining in launch games linked to the platform
  • Creation and promotion of games linked to blockchain
  • the colonial space to first holders
  • Web3 mining via platform

In 2024 we should start building the entire 4uPlayer metaverse, where we will present our PlayerCoin blockchain , which must have a sustainable network and be available to be mined both on the platform, game launch and metaverse. Our mining will offer fees to those who lend part of its computational power for the progress of transactions.

Our metaverse will be directly connected to a hardware, server that will have a pre-established space the size of the scenario that can be assembled, in most part there will be parts of the 4uPlayer, where the events and outdoor streaming and the rooms will be presented, that represent your profile in the community, according to your profile on the platform. In addition, the first holders will receive creation and development space.

The PlayerCoin blockchain will be open to token creators, who will be able to pay an amount in PLC and have access to the .plc domain, and creation space within the same metaverse, so that their characters, graphics, cities and spaces of their games are also in the metaverse, offering its users a complete integration, from mining, marketing and usability.

  • Increase in the user community in Brazil should exceed 1M, currently containing more than 100k users from other countries
  • Platform expansion to other countries starting with South America and Central America
  • Starter event expansion
  • Lot release of 60M (30% total supply) of PlayerCoin units in order to meet global demand
  • Release of up to 15% of PlayerCoin units from the total supply for first international events, in order to fund new expansion
  • NFTs with usability and powers in games

Our supply continues with a blocked part until the international opening that should happen at the end of 2024 (see white paper) with that we must unlock this amount and open it to the market, and a part will be directed exclusively in events for international opening and remuneration of new users.

With the international opening, we will have new sponsoring companies joining the platform, so that a part of the supply will be reserved to meet this new demand and allow more users to be served.

  • Number of users must exceed 10M
  • PlayerCoin exchange opening
  • fintech opening
  • Transactions with cards and ATMs using only the PlayerCoin card
  • Creation of NFTs in partnership with the most famous traditional games in the world

With the advanced international opening we will be among the main markets for our cryptocurrency and also the platform should be illustrious among the largest in the world, reaching more than 10m of active users. With that, we aim at an opening of fintech and virtual bank available in several countries, in order to make life easier with money x crypto, with fast payments, wherever you are.

Our scale must join the biggest games in the world, making the union between traditional games and NFTs games happen once and for all, where we will build together with traditional NFTs games on the platform that will give unique items, powers and personalities in the game, which can be marketed. Can you imagine games

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