Young Players

Through the proceeds from the ICO and other partnerships and donations, as well as the profitability of the
social network, we will support the social initiative called “Jovens Players” (Young Players), which will be
developed in partnership with schools to promote inclusion, assistance, and accessibility in public schools
across Brazil. This initiative aims to provide kits for students, personalized school supplies from partners,
computers, and other equipment that enhance the capabilities and imagination of young children. We want
to show them that the world of e-sports has evolved and is not just about games and entertainment, but
also offers career opportunities and greater inclusivity.

Additionally, through this initiative, we can provide education on technology, cryptocurrencies, and
investments, particularly targeting underprivileged youth who often face exclusion from the virtual world.
All news and updates about our social initiatives will be prominently featured on dedicated pages within
our social network, ensuring transparency and awareness of the work we are doing. It is important to note
that 4UPlayer will carry out this work voluntarily as a social project, as it will depend on the funds available
and the amount raised through events and donations.

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