3. Virtual Wallet

Our default wallet is MetaMask, and we will provide the necessary connectivity so
that once you access your wallet through your browser, you can easily connect to our
platform and engage in transactions. We aim to make buying and transacting more
convenient, and the wallet associated with our platform will work in conjunction
with its own specific rules. It is the user’s responsibility to read and accept the wallet’s
rules, and 4UPlayer is not obligated to provide guidance on its use, performance,
potential, risks, or difficulties.

Using this wallet will allow you to view the token within the social network and, if
you choose to use another wallet, your tokens may not be visible on the network.
You will be able to monitor and engage in buying and selling items and products within the social network,
subject to the requirements and account creation standards of the respective wallet.

In the future (as outlined in the roadmap), we plan to launch our own virtual wallet, designed and developed
to provide the best possible solutions and enhance the value and ease of all your transactions.

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