Its concept primarily stems from the possibility of utilizing viable and secure means such as blockchain
technology and the utilization network. This allows users, whether they are companies, gamers, or
content creators, to easily manage their funds while enjoying the best that the gaming world has to
offer. Within the platform, users can manage their tokens and NFTs.

Companies and gamers can use their tokens to create exclusive events that are prominently featured
and can be filtered based on interests. These events offer various registration options, including free,
paid, or engagement-based registrations that require participants to complete a specific task, such as
physically visiting one of the company’s brick-and-mortar stores, in order to validate their registration.

By doing so, we have created mechanisms that make companies reliant on token acquisition, not only
for boosting publications and promoting marketing strategies but also for hosting events with their
own controlled and customized rules. This facilitates complex marketing campaigns to promote their
content effectively.

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