9. Transparency

The project’s activities and financial expenditures will be detailed to the community in a clear and
explanatory manner. All information will be made available in the same group where the voting
takes place, ensuring that all community members are aware of the costs and how resources are
being allocated. This is particularly important as it directly involves the resources of the PlayerCoin
community, and those who transact or hold the coins are contributing to the project’s development.

Financial information and documents will be generated and delivered monthly by the company’s
financial representative and the project’s financial representative. This will include a summary
of actions, which may be presented through a video to demonstrate to the community how the
project’s financial movements are progressing. This will ensure appropriate financial transparency
for all parties involved.

In addition, we will hold an annual fundraising event for social projects aimed at bringing inclusion to the games market, aiming to
bring the community and stakeholders together in an event with streamers and players to increase
additional funds for projects. Transparency in expenses and fundraising for the event
will also be disclosed through documents provided to the community.

These measures will ensure that transparency is a priority in the project and all
community members will have access to clear information about how finances are being managed
and how resources are being allocated.

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