Tour of the 4UPLAYER Network

Gamer Profile: Players have a gamer resume on their page, where they can share their achievements,
highlight their gaming styles and games, and showcase obtained titles and other external channels that
demonstrate their proficiency in a particular game. Through this resume, participation categories for
tournaments and standout positions within the social network are selected for each member.

Player Ranking: The ranking features the top players, evaluated based on their performance in games,
as well as the best content creators and streamers.

Rivalry: Players can mark each other as rivals, and the marked player will be notified to accept the
rivalry. If accepted, an event is created where dates and times are set for battles within the specific game.
It operates as a challenge and reward system, which is promoted on the social network among friends
and followers of both competitors. The system is complemented by a betting mechanism for champions,
utilizing a Chat panel with availability discrimination functionality in-game.

Voluntary Sponsorship System: Any user can send coins to another user in exchange for visibility and
commercial space during live streams.

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