Token Structure

PlayerCoin is a utility token designed for use within the 4UPlayer system, an innovative and
unprecedented technological platform. PlayerCoin is developed by 4uPlayer, a duly established limited
liability company in accordance with the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

The acquisition of PlayerCoin allows users to purchase products and services within the 4UPlayer
platform. The use of PlayerCoin outside the 4UPlayer system depends on the acceptance of PlayerCoin
by third parties and its trading on the secondary market of crypto assets through exchanges. The
decision to acquire PlayerCoin should be based on a detailed analysis of this white paper, as well as
other publicly available information about the issuing company.

There is no guarantee of a refund of the funds invested in the acquisition of PlayerCoins or of potential
appreciation in the secondary market when trading on exchanges. PlayerCoins do not grant their
holders any promise, title, participation or partnership rights, privileges, prerogatives, preferences,
or any other executable or convertible rights in relation to the composition of the share capital of the
issuer of PlayerCoins. Additionally, PlayerCoins do not confer any political or voting rights in the
administration and conduct of the issuer’s business.

Any potential and uncertain remuneration that a purchaser of PlayerCoin may obtain from the resale
of PlayerCoin on the secondary market does not result from the efforts of the PlayerCoin issuer or
third parties, but rather from the purchaser’s own analysis of the volatility of the crypto asset market
and the law of supply and demand in the free market.

PlayerCoin does not have the nature of a security under the terms of Article 2 of Law No. 6.385/1976.
The PlayerCoin ICO does not constitute, under the current and applicable Brazilian legislation, a public
offering of securities, and therefore it is not subject to supervision, authorization, and/or registration
exemption by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários).
PlayerCoin does not have the nature of a means of payment, as defined in Law No. 12.865/2013 and
applicable regulations of the Central Bank of Brazil and the National Financial System.

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