6. Data Sharing System

At no point will we share personal data, whether legal or associated with game profiles, without the explicit
authorization and agreement of the user, including but not limited to deliberate actions by the user to share
profile information through any media.

Verified profiles do not require monitoring and can remain completely anonymous, but verified profiles lose the absolute anonymity discussed in
the data sharing system, but are compensated with bonuses in the platform’s own asset mining mechanisms if, in addition to being verified, they opt for the advertising system, in this system the verified user can receive a greater amount of tokens and can see advertisements on the platform , thus participating in mining.
(50/50 -> 70/30).

All connections to integrated APIs are not monitored by 4UPlayer.

Only clicks on sponsored ads are registered to enable the automatic transaction of PLC to the user’s wallet.

The wallet registration is not linked to the wallet that will be developed later.

Token trading is not related to the platform registration.

Data sharing limits: We will not ask for name, gender, or legal documents for platform
usage unless there is a legal requirement to extract information from a specific user
on our platform. These pieces of information will never be linked to the use, trading,
and acquisition of 4UPlayer assets, in compliance with our privacy policy and the
legal requirements of the Binance Smart Chain privacy policy.

By agreeing to receive advertisements, users will consent to share personal information
with platform advertisers, which will not be retained by us but may be retained by
the advertisers.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (LGPD)

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