5. Team

Our team has responsible people who have
experience in the market to whom everyone who
participates can have direct access and are linked
to the company and in audits to be disclosed.

Bruno Robert: CEO of 4Uplayer and gaming and blockchain services expert, with extensive
experience in leadership and social projects. He is highly committed to financial inclusion
and access to technology for low-income individuals. Previously, Bruno has been involved
in various social projects focused on the gaming market.


Felipe Brevio – TI Director

Felipe is a Computer Science graduate who began his career in 2012 as a developer, initially focusing on backend Java, along with experience in Python and Angular. His professional journey includes stints at Tivit and Bradesco, where he honed his skills and knowledge in technology.

Standing out for his expertise in blockchain, Felipe has significant experience in this field, with a particular focus on applications geared towards the gaming market. His ability to apply the latest technologies and his passion for exploring new territories in the world of computing make him a valuable asset to any team or project.

Guilherme Coca: CLO of 4Uplayer and practicing lawyer with an office in Brazil.

He has vast
experience in the legal field, dealing with solutions for key regulatory issues involved in
gaming and blockchain-related businesses. Guilherme is committed to creating innovative
solutions that bring more security and reliability to the industry.


Gean Dall Agnol: CFO of 4Uplayer and the company’s chief financial expert.

Gean is a highly
experienced professional in the financial market, with extensive experience in investment
analysis, risk management, and strategic decision-making. He is committed to ensuring
that the company has a healthy and balanced financial management to achieve its long-
term objectives.


Fábio M – Operations Director

Fábio Menegoni has over a decade of experience in administrative and operations roles, serving as operations manager in major retail chains. Throughout his career, he has excelled in identifying improvement opportunities and implementing effective solutions, resulting in increased operational efficiency and streamlined processes.

Internal Council: Cláudia Wharton -( Mapfre
Brasil ombudsman director)


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