4UPlayer reserves the right to make changes to its proposals if necessary, and any alterations will be promptly
communicated at its respective website address: www.4uplayer.com.

2022: Q4 – Construction of the currency contract, website delivery of 4uPlayer.com

2023: Q1 – First platform developed Q2 – User testing Q4 – PLC integration testing

2024: Q1 – Community expansion / Co-founder process / New platform delivery Q2 – MVP initiation / New listings and staking / Partner game listings and releases / Swap with gaming currencies

2025: Q1 – Android/IOS App / Marketplace integrated into games Q2 – Platform opening to other countries / Global game ranking with titles and benefits Q3 – V2 PLC release Q4 – Mining through games

2026: Q1 – Targeting larger markets and global exchanges / PlayerCoin Blockchain development

The project will begin in 2024 with the launch of the platform’s MVP and the co-founder project, which will guarantee the necessary sustainability to invest in the project. 4uPlayer is committed to
start the project by connecting with partners and reaching out to participating users, at the same time
also starting the first fundraising events to meet the initial schedule.

In 2024, a detailed action plan will be implemented, starting primarily in Brazil, the home country of
4uPlayer. The creation of the group and general information about the project’s initiation will be carried
out prior to any actions and communicated to the community.

It is important to highlight that the project will be carried out with transparency and commitment to
the public involved, with monthly reports on the impact.

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