Since the dawn of civilization, men have fought each other in pursuit of control and power, driven by greed. This curse spreads throughout the land, sparing no one.

The world has reached a point where wars have become different, as they have become less bloody in our eyes, but deaths occur with greater intensity, thereby sparing those responsible for these acts.

What I narrate now is a war in which the coveted money has taken command of what men do, dictating what they can or cannot do, and even determining the value of their work. We are not experiencing moments of nuclear wars, nor chemical or biological wars, but moments in which a global currency regulates all others, showing us that selfishness and ambition have not yet faded away, as they continue to leave their marks in present-day society.

But this bloodless struggle may be coming to an end, for something is about to happen. Heroes have emerged to free us from the nightmares of everyday life, bringing hope for better days when selflessness can prevail, where modesty and generosity can find room, and the player can have freedom….

These days will begin with PLAYERCOIN, bringing the liberation to the players.

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