4. Possible Solutions

Regarding security, the platform provides player traceability and profile verification,
ensuring good communication and trading among them. Additionally, the marketplace
allows for the transaction of both traditional in-game items and NFTs through the

The platform offers various sustainable financial earning opportunities for
players, along with ranking features and individual achievement panels
that showcase the player’s entire gaming journey, including battles won,
titles earned, and other relevant information, making it a true professional
social network for gamers.

To address the payment issue, PlayerCoin serves as the universal currency
across all games, facilitating transactions between players and investors
through cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the platform provides in-game
mining options, allowing game companies to attract players and new investors.

The platform offers a robust system of events and championships, along with
marketing tools and user attraction. Companies can invest in the gaming sector, build
brand loyalty, and generate a larger audience for their brand, as well as easily sponsor
The platform is multiplatform and offers all the necessary tools to address
the challenges and peculiarities of the gaming industry, always considering
sustainable financial gain for players.

Lastly, the platform offers tokenization through an interconnected
blockchain network, allowing sponsors and game companies to develop
their own NFTs to enhance brand visibility and provide top players with
the usability of their 3D NFTs within the platform, within games, and in
real life. Tokenization is seamlessly integrated and efficient, providing
solutions for the market’s needs and players’ pain points.

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