4uPlayer, through its channel, offers usable NFTs within its platform, with features
that include profile highlighting, information management, profile identification
in games, and showcasing the player’s favorite and most used characters.

Users can acquire NFTs directly within the social network using PLCs for purchase.
Subsequently, these NFTs can be sold to other users.

NFT-2.0: In order to further promote events within the platform, we have created NFTs for partner companies that
actively participate as event creators and supporters of young talents. These NFTs can be exclusively
awarded to players that the companies wish to highlight, sponsor, and support.

As a result, winners of an event organized by a partner company will receive
the design of that NFT displayed next to their name on the network and also
on their personal page, showcasing their championship victory or sponsorship.
These tokens have a limited duration, highlighting the achievement until similar

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