2. Governance for co-founders

Voting-Based Governance for PlayerCoin Co-founders

At PlayerCoin (PLC), governance is a fundamental part of our management model, where all co-founders have the right to vote and influence strategic decisions of the project. To exercise this right, one must be duly registered on the official platform at www.4uplayer.com.

Our platform offers an exclusive official group where co-founders have privileged access to information about improvements, votes, and details on the allocation of financial resources. This group allows our select community of project participants to stay updated and engaged in the directions and decisions made.

Additionally, each co-founder has access to personalized administrative tools in their accounts, designed to assist in evaluations and contribute to the continuous growth of the business. These tools enable active and informed participation in the decision-making processes.

All co-founders are encouraged to participate in monthly meetings and contribute to the growth process of PlayerCoin. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss strategies, challenges, and opportunities, ensuring that everyone has a voice in the project’s development.

At PlayerCoin, we believe that transparent and participatory governance is essential for the long-term success of the project, and we are committed to providing an environment where each co-founder can contribute significantly to our growth and collective success.

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