The PlayerCoin will be registered on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform using a smart contract following
the BEP20 standard, which ensures compatibility with most wallets and exchanges that currently support
BNB-based cryptocurrencies.

The maximum supply of PlayerCoin (PLC) will be 200,000,000 utility tokens, and no
new units will be generated under any circumstances.

Initially, there are no transaction fees for PlayerCoin until the implementation of
the V2 contract or the implementation of the PLC blockchain. Any fees and security
mechanisms to be implemented will be discussed and made visible to the community
and token holders. They will undergo analysis by the board before implementation.

The technology supporting the PlayerCoin system has been under development since
January 2021 when the company initiated a study on the systems to be developed
and the processes to be created, ensuring the sustainability of the entire operation
surrounding PlayerCoin.

Once the platform is live, new users and investors who choose to transfer their tokens to the partnered wallet
of our platform can immediately take advantage of all the functionalities the system offers. This includes
earning PLC rewards for digital engagement actions and exchanging tokens for products and services.

4UPlayer will organize events where users can spend their tokens within the platform. These events will be
announced in advance, and during these events, the tokens can have their value multiplied by 2x for use in
platform mechanisms or for redemption of prizes.

After the token is listed on exchanges, its price will be subject to market volatility. Transaction fees will be
applied to each PLC transaction, ranging from 0.5% to 3% in taxation. This amount will be used to cover
transaction processing costs on the public blockchain, and a portion will be donated to the Jovens Players
social project.

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