8. Governance System

4UPlayer is a company that has been in the market since early 2021, and it brings a
well-aligned structure with its advanced project and different approaches specifically
designed for the gamer audience.

Regarding the governance of PlayerCoin, we follow a two-tier council system
consisting of an internal council and an external council, which oversee all changes,
understandings, and actions that may impact the market and have implications for
users and investors.

All decisions taken by the company go through the internal council and the external council, and are subsequently
disclosed. We will also establish a channel for suggestions and voting through co-founders, representatives and holders, which will take place
within the official PlayerCoin group on the 4uPlayer social network. Only these can
participate as members of this group. Votes, processes and community projects will only be carried out
after being approved by the majority of the community and accepted by the internal and external council
from 4uPlayer.

Decisions made by the community regarding the 50% + 1 rule will be treated as a priority since
community members aim for actions that maximize gains for the project. These decisions will be
considered urgent and will be promptly and efficiently addressed by the council body.

The community page will be created within the 4uPlayer platform, in a specific exclusive group
co-founders and representatives will be able to propose improvements and be voted on by the community that includes holders.
The vote of co-founders and representatives has greater weight, being 2/1, including taking into account their participation. They will have access to the page and will be able to create polls and
exercise voting power. Holders will have access to vote on pre-approved projects.

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