Functionality of token

The functionality of the token is versatile within our social network, as well as outside of it, as users can use it
wherever and however they prefer.

Official game stores within the social network and a player-driven marketplace, all revolving around our token.
The system as a whole provides security for players, as each gamer is identified within the social network, and
their transactions can occur using the open, decentralized token that is well connected to the social network,
where all players are recognized by their nicknames.

Creation of events, championships, and rivalries, even allowing for betting, all in a practical, easy, and secure
manner, as tokens are distributed instantly.

Providing easy forms of rewards, demonstrating that players and content creators are not just people having
fun but professionals in their fields, as our token facilitates easy payment and reward options for users.
Mining through advertisements, where sponsoring companies provide a certain amount of PLC when their
website is visited by a user, with the possibility of “farming” tokens within partner stores, where a QR code
from 4uPlayer is displayed and players can simply scan it to receive coins.

We act as a second in-game currency and offer players an easy way to exchange and make purchases in various
games, serving as a second layer to game currencies.

Our platform will feature tradeable and usable NFTs, which will provide players with more visibility, and
companies can use their NFTs to promote their sponsored individuals.

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