3. Difficulties in the sector

The gaming market, where 4uPlayer operates with the PlayerCoin project, faces
several challenges that need to be addressed. Some of these difficulties include:

Security: Players do not have a single platform for communication
and trading between games that provides them with security. As a
result, there are still many scams targeting players.

Professional growth challenges: The gaming sector still faces
significant resistance due to not being taken seriously and the lack of
traceability of titles and achievements for players.

Payment difficulties: The market struggles with conducting payments securely as well as quckly.

Investment in the sector: Companies often struggle to access major
players to create or participate in sponsorships focused on the gaming
industry, which limits opportunities.

Multiplatform: For gaming-related applications, there is a significant
division among the functions that users seek, taking up a considerable
amount of time in the usability for these players. They have to access
four or more platforms to have a complete gaming experience. This
excludes players who cannot maintain such access due to financial or
infrastructure difficulties.

Tokenization: The market has shown a strong interest in tokenizing
traditional games and utilizing blockchain in day-to-day gaming.
However, tokenization seems to be slow in progressing, as traditional
companies would need to take necessary steps or even merge with
existing companies in the market. The difficulties faced during this
implementation process stem from various factors, such as knowledge
and implementation challenges.

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