4. Community

The community is an essential part of our project, being the main source of the project and contributing to its growth and dissemination of knowledge.

To keep everyone informed and engaged, we have an exclusive group dedicated to communication and voting on best practices. This group aims to clarify growth data and allow the community to participate in important decisions related to the project.

Furthermore, we hold monthly conferences to discuss our growth, challenges, achievements, failures, and new directions. We believe that a highly engaged community can add much more value to the project than just the effort of a team.

To facilitate community participation, specific pages will be created within the 4uPlayer platform, where members can propose ideas to be voted on by the community. Proposals supported by 50% + 1 of the community will be treated as urgent and receive special attention from the company, ensuring a stronger representation of the community’s voice.

In addition to directly participating in decision-making, community members will be responsible for overseeing project transparency and expenses. They will have the ability to report issues directly to the team or vote on improvements to ensure a more efficient progression of project growth.

Members also have the opportunity to apply to participate in the direct council, following a pre-assessment by 4uPlayer, or volunteer for actions promoted by the project. Additionally, they can recommend or self-nominate as partners to bring mutual benefits to the project.

It is important to emphasize that community participation is valued and encouraged at all stages of the project. Transparency and community engagement are essential to the success of our social project.

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