1. Co-Founder

Co-founder of PlayerCoin and the Game World Revolution!

At 4uPlayer, we value every individual who contributes to driving our company and our PlayerCoin project forward!

That’s why we’re excited to announce the opening of 1,000 EXCLUSIVE SPOTS for those who want to join us on this journey towards the future of gaming!

By becoming a co-founder, you’ll have the unique opportunity to occupy one of the 1,000 spots representing 10% of 4uPlayer’s capital and enjoy a range of lifelong benefits carefully crafted to enhance your ongoing participation.

Exclusive Benefits for Co-founders:

  • Participation in Biannual Profits: You’ll receive a share of the biannual profits generated by 4uPlayer, financially rewarding you for the project’s success.
  • Preferential PLC Trading Fees: Starting from version 2, you’ll have access to preferential trading fees for Playercoin (PLC), opening up additional earning opportunities.
  • Custom Co-founder Dashboard: Gain exclusive access to a personalized dashboard designed to track your involvement and offer special resources.
  • Active Participation in Decisions and Improvement Proposals: Your voice matters! As a co-founder, you’ll have the opportunity to influence decisions and improvement proposals for the project.
  • Exclusive Co-founder Area: Enjoy privileged access to an exclusive area designed to facilitate your active participation and engagement with the project.
  • Personalized Administrative Tools: Utilize exclusive administrative tools to contribute effectively to the project’s continued growth.
  • Distinctive Co-founder Profile: Your profile will be highlighted as a co-founder, demonstrating your commitment and involvement with the project.
  • Exclusive Co-founder Medal: Receive an exclusive medal, recognizing your essential role as a 4uPlayer co-founder.
  • Lifelong VIP Status on the Platform: Enjoy lifelong VIP benefits on the platform, providing a premium experience throughout your journey with us.
  • Exclusive Access to PLC Staking: Gain privileged access to PLC Staking, expanding your earning and growth opportunities.

Transform the global gaming market with us! Join us as a co-founder of PlayerCoin and be part of this incredible revolution!

By becoming a co-founder, you’re not just investing in our project, but also becoming a fundamental part of our success. Your active and committed participation is essential to driving our vision forward.

Thank you for considering being part of this exciting journey with us!

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