About the 4UPLAYER Social Network

The 4UPlayer social network presents itself as a platform fully dedicated
to gamers, where players can utilize resources specifically tailored for
them, eliminating the need to use multiple platforms to access different

Our network addresses the major pain points of gamers, such as time loss
and lack of trust, by providing a certification for each account through
an elaborate verification process that verifies the player’s nickname in
conjunction with the game they play. This ensures increased transaction
security and significantly reduces the possibility of fraud.

We provide the opportunity for players and companies to create events
with pre-defined prizes, paid in crypto tokens and linked to the platform. This allows companies
hosting events to promote all of their products simultaneously.

We organize official tournaments in partnership with various games, where each
champion, qualified by game, will represent 4UPlayer in official and unofficial
events, both physical and digital. They will be rewarded with exclusive access,
highlighted profiles on the social network, top live stream priority, access to
premium features on our platform, and recognition on partner platforms.

Our network features a token mining feature through partnerships with
companies seeking targeted advertising to a specific audience. These companies
fund media campaigns aimed at players who agree to receive this type of
information and evaluate the company’s offer in exchange for PLC tokens.

We offer users the opportunity to participate in official game groups and groups created by subscribers.
These groups have instant communication features, with dedicated servers for guilds tailored to each
game, and special characteristics for partner games.

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