2. Utilities

PlayerCoin (PLC): Transparency and Efficiency in the Gaming Ecosystem

At PlayerCoin (PLC), transparency and efficiency are fundamental in all transactions and activities within the gaming ecosystem. We understand that investors and users may have specific doubts about how staking resources are used, the process of buying and selling virtual items, ensuring liquidity and transparency in transactions, as well as the sustainable business model and long-term profitability. Below, we provide detailed answers to these questions:

Effective Utilization of Staking Resources:

  • Resources from PLC staking are used in various areas within the 4UPlayer platform, including the buying and selling of virtual items, funding gaming events, and fostering new partner games. All this usage generates profit, which is shared among the involved parties.
  • The allocation of these resources is transparent and accessible to participants, who can track the entire process through administrative tools provided by the platform.
  • Although investors do not have direct control over how their staked tokens are used, 4uPlayer ensures the responsible and efficient utilization of these resources, acting as a guarantor for their return.

    Buying and Selling Items in Practice:

    • The process of buying and selling virtual items on the 4UPlayer platform is facilitated by an integrated marketplace, where users can interact directly with the platform and conduct secure and efficient transactions.
    • Transaction details, including prices and applicable fees, are transparently communicated to users throughout the process, ensuring a transparent buying and selling experience without unpleasant surprises.
    • Transaction security is guaranteed by 4uPlayer, which acts as an intermediary and maintains an open channel to resolve any issues that may arise during the process.

      Liquidity Guarantee and Transaction Transparency:

      • The liquidity required for buying and selling virtual items transactions is guaranteed by the capital invested in staking and the fees received by 4uPlayer, which are converted into working capital to foster ecosystem growth.
      • All transactions are conducted transparently, with security and transparency guarantees for buyers and sellers, from the beginning to the end of the process.

        Sustainable Business Model and Profitability:

        • PLC’s sustainability and profitability are ensured by the wide range of uses within the gaming ecosystem, including buying and selling items, hosting events, and fostering new partner games.
        • 4UPlayer has a long-term plan to boost PLC demand by expanding the marketplace, listing new games, and integrating other gaming currencies into the ecosystem.

          Events in Practice:

          • Events held on the 4UPlayer platform are listed by companies, players, or teams directly on the platform, with the entire process managed transparently and securely.
          • The platform offers a dedicated area for event creation, management, and promotion, as well as ensuring the secure and efficient payout of prizes.

            At PlayerCoin (PLC), we are committed to providing a transparent, secure, and efficient user experience for all participants in our gaming ecosystem. We are always available to clarify any doubts and ensure that our users have a positive and satisfactory experience.

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